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The President Trump Era has begun!!

trump time cover

Donald J. Trump is inaugurated the 45th President of the USA!


The 7th Grade spent time with their 1st Grade Buddies during Catholic Schools Week!




Middle School Homework Page

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Middle School Writing Standards:
HFRS Social Studies Writing Rubric.pdf


                            8th Grade 

Was the New Deal a Good Deal?


NYS Inquiry Poster Project Due March 31,2017

NewYork_8_New_Deal_student HFRS.docx

                        7th Grade 

Forming the US Constitution DBQ Project

Final Typewritten Essay is due March 24, 2017 

const conv

forming the constitution dbq documents.pdf

forming the constitution dbq project powerpoint

                       6th Grade

Does Religious Freedom Exist? NYS Inquiry

Does religious freedom exist performance task.pptx

Freedom map

Religious Freedom NYS Inquiry Student Packet.pdf

Does religious freedom exist formatted document

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