8th Grade Homework
Week of April 9th

Math-Study for test on Polynomials/Algebra: August 12,2015 Part I :Regents due Thursday
​- Write the introduction for your argument.  Bring in a printed or hand-written copy.  Include a well-developed thesis statement.
Science - reading guide of chapter due Thursday
chapter test next Tuesday
- Complete the 8th Grade Chapter 9 lesson 4 guided reading.pdf activity due tomorrow.
Religion-  no class: 9 AM Mass

Math: Worksheet: page 415-416 questions 2 - 50 even/Algebra: August 12,2015 Part I : Regents due Thursday
ELA - Write three body paragraphs of argument.  Save but don't print.
Science -  be doing your questions...it is the study guide
SS - Complete SQ#3 & 4 Source analysis from the NYS New Deal Inquiry (see Mr. Drummond's Website for materials)
Religion -  

Math: Worksheet: page 420 questions 17 - 45  / Algebra: Regents due tomorrow
ELA ​- Write the conclusion of the argument and bring in a printed copy.
Science - questions due tomorrow
SS  - Complete the 8th Grade Chapter 10 lesson 1 geography.pdf activity, due tomorrow.
Religion - 

Math: page 426 questions 1 - 8/10 - 17/19 - 27 / Algebra: pages 331 - 332 questions 1 - 10
ELA - Revise essay and complete a Works Cited page.  Final draft due Monday.
Science -  worksheet
Religion -  due Wednesday - those who want to crown Mary -essay addressing the following topics: 1) why do you want to crown Mary; 2) how is Mary a role model to you; and 3) what is your devotion to Mary

Math: Have a nice weekend!
ELA - Grammar p. 95-98.
Science - enjoy your 2 days off! 
SS - Haaave a nice weekend!
Religion -